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Sorbent Products

Microfibrous Entrapped Sorbents (MFESs)

IntraMicron can entrap sorbents in microfibrous media as well as developing customized MFES solutions for a variety of chemical processes. MFESs are ideal for applications that simultaneously require enhanced contacting efficiency and low pressure drop such as in polishing sorbents/composite beds and active filtration processes. Visit the MFES technology and MFES applications pages to learn more about the benefits of microfibrous entrapped sorbents.

Traditional Sorbents

IntraMicron has developed various types of sorbents for removing sulfur species, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ammonia, etc. from liquid or gas streams. Most of these sorbents are on supports such as activated carbon, silica, alumina, and titania, which have high surface areas (>100 m /g) and pore volumes (~1 cm /g). Thus, most sorbents realize enhanced utilization of active compounds and can be regenerated for multiple usage cycles.



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