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Metal Fiber Products

IntraMicron manufactures MicroLobal™ metal fibers using a bundle-drawing process at our facility in Auburn, AL. All fibers are custom manufactured to your specifications ranging from our Standard Products, which we routinely manufacture and keep on hand, to specific Customized Products (see product capabilities chart to view all available options).

MicroLobal™ Fibers are fabricated with a special process that results in an irregular cross section and multiple lobed sides to increase overall surface area. Depending on the application, the increase in surface area ranges from 30% to 400% compared to round or hexagonal fiber. This means that MicroLobal™ Fibers can offer a smaller pore size for better filtration, wet-lay ups with thinner cross-sections for manufacturing, and better electro-magnetic shielding.

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MicroLobal™ Metal Fibers



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Standard Products
Standard Products
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Chopped Metal Fiber
  • In stock samples

  • Standard alloy standard size

  • Standard alloy custom size

  • Custom size

ships 0-3 days after receipt

ships 1-2 weeks *standard delivery

ships 2-4 weeks

ships 4-12 weeks after receipt of materials

[dependent upon manufacturing production schedule]

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Product Capabilities - Custom
Certified, Sampled, and Archived to Assure Quality

MicroLobal™ Fibers are manufactured to the most exacting specifications and tolerances by an experienced team of engineers & technicians. Third-party chemical analysis, transverse-dimension fiber diameter analysis, and other specialized testing is available. Product samples are archived with process data using a step-by-step tracking database to assure product traceability back to raw materials (alloy melts).

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