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Microfibrous Media (Nonwovens)

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IntraMicron's core proprietary technology is non-woven microfibrous media containing high surface area catalysts and/or sorbents. This structure is the subject of numerous U.S. patents and international counterparts and offers significant benefits compared to other existing technology. The wet-lay process is utilized to form nonwoven media from fibers. This process

has been successfully executed at lab scale on handsheet molds, pilot scale on small paper machines, and production scale on large paper and nonwoven machines. IntraMicron also specializes in the production of composite microfibrous media combing various fibrous and particulate materials.

List of Standard Products Coming Soon!

Contact our application engineers to determine if IntraMicron can provide microfibrous media suitable for your application. Please note you'll have more options in standard alloys (Ni and Cu), other alloys will have limited customization.



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