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Desulfurization Products

SourCat™ Desulfurization Processes: IntraMicron designs, sells, leases, and licenses a series of customizable modular catalytic sulfur removal and recovery skids to address the scalable gas desulfurization needs of the oil and gas, synthesis gas, biogas, process gas, tail gas, and hydrogen fuel industries.

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Current desulfurization costs can account for >100% of the energy value for high-S resources; efficient gas cleanup is essential for economic resource utilization. Scalability and cost of SourCat™ technology is superior to established technologies across a range of desulfurization scales.

The patented SourCat™ desulfurization process employs a unique and proprietary catalyst that promotes the partial oxidation of H  S and mercaptans to elemental sulfur. The catalyst is highly selective to elemental sulfur over SO  . It can achieve high yield to elemental sulfur under a wide range of pressures, oxygen-to-sulfur ratios, and inlet sulfur concentrations. The catalyst has been evaluated in long-term bench scale evaluations where a single catalyst charge maintained high activity for over a year, even in the presence of contaminants such as ammonia and metal halides. The modular system has been evaluated at pilot scales where 95+% conversion of    H  S and COS to elemental sulfur was achieved in coal/biomass-derived syngas and in natural gas.




Process Selection & Design

IntraMicron's desulfurization suite is a unique answer to sulfur removal in gas streams. It's both a modular and tailor-made solution for removing 10 ppm to 10% sulfur species from gas streams with flowrates of 50 MSCFD to over 10 MMSCFD. Modules can be transported to remote locations and controlled by off-site operators. The outlet sulfur concentration of the gas can be customized based on the application's thresholds. To discuss a desulfurization system to match your application, please email and one of our application engineers will be happy to discuss it with you!

Benefits of Employing IntraMicron's catalytic desulfurization system:
  • Up to 75% Reduction in total desulfurization cost compared to current state of the art approaches at numerous scales

  • Up to 31x reduction in reactor volume (at 2500 ppm H  S)

  • Up to 85x solid waste reduction (at 2500 ppm H  S)

  • Converts majority (up to 99+%) of H  S to elemental sulfur (a usable by product) without significant SO  production!

  • Optimal adsorbent utilization with bed life sensor (if needed)

  • Easily accommodates varying sulfur levels





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dry sulfur condensation.jpg


SourCat™ in the Field:

100 MSCFD SourCat OG™ Skid

  • Operated on a remote oil and gas well on Eagle Ford Shale in Texas

  • Total Demonstration Runtime: 1,019 hours

  • 125 ppm - 5750 ppm inlet H  S

  • 96% conversion to elemental sulfur achieved at 500 ppm H  S

  • 98% conversion achieved at 2000 ppm H  S

  • Total sulfur after polishing bed: <1 ppm

  • No signs of catalyst deactivation




145 SCFD SourCat SG™ Skid

  • Operated at a transport gasifier site in North Dakota

  • Total Demonstration Runtime: 112.5 hours

  • 2000-4500 ppm inlet sulfur (H  S + COS)

  • 93% conversion to elemental sulfur

  • No signs of catalyst deactivation in the presence of 40% moisture and signficant quantities of tar, naphthalene, and other impurities


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