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Process Intensified Reactors

Process Intensification


(pro•cess in•ten•si•fi•ca•tion | prAH-ses in-ten-suh-fuh-kAY-shuhn)

(Chemical Engineering; General)

Process intensification is improving the efficiency of a process using means beyond traditional engineering.

"Any chemical engineering development that leads to a substantially smaller, cleaner, safer, and more energyefficient technology is process intensification." --- Reay, Ramshaw, Harvey, Process Intensification, Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann, 2008, p 21.

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IntraMicron's Process Intensified Reactors embody the definition of process intensification. They enhance the performance of continuous processes by immobilizing a catalyst or sorbent in a complex network of metal microfiber. The custom-packed reactors incorporate YOUR catalyst into our patented Microfibrous Entrapped Catalyst (MFEC) and Microfibrous Entrapped Sorbent (MFES) technology. This unique microfiber packing overcomes the heat and mass transfer limitations that plague the industry by rapidly transferring heat and ensuring efficient radial contacting with the catalyst/sorbent.

In addition to providing custom reactor packing for lab, pilot, and commercial scale processes, IntraMicron offers a line of lab-scale Process Intensified Reactors with a variety of fitting packages and temperature measurement options. Catalysts or sorbents with particle diameters between 40 and 300 microns can be entrapped in our microfibrous materials (typically nickel or copper, but stainless, glass, ceramics, and other materials are available upon request). These Process Intensified Reactors are ready to be tested in your lab. If MFEC/MFES shows promising results at the lab-scale, scaling to commercial or pilot processes is easy! Skip all the hassle and endless iterations of traditional catalyst development/scale-up and go directly from particles and powders to the plant!

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reduced CAPEX and OPEX - blue.png
minimized impact of process upsets - blu
high catalyst utilization - blue.png
Straightforward scale-up - blue.png
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