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MicroLobal™ metal fibers are manufactured using a bundle-drawing process at our facility in Auburn, AL. IntraMicron produces Microlobal™ fibers 1-30 microns in diameter from a variety of standard and custom alloys.


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Microfibrous Media is a nonwoven structure that may contain catalysts, sorbents, or other fillers to meet the needs of demanding applications including but not limited to contaminant removal, catalysis, vibration damping, electrodes, shielding, filtration, and many more.


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IntraMicron's Process Intensified Reactors enhance catalyst performance by minimizing heat and mass transport limitations. The PI Reactor product line facilitates reactor scale-up by eliminating the need to increase catalyst particle size or change catalyst particle shape as reactor size increases.

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IntraMicron provides thermal management solutions for high performance extreme environment pulse power applications. This technology can easily be applied to other applications that require thermal interfacing and damping.

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IntraMicron designs, sells, leases, and licenses catalytic desulfurization solutions for the removal of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans from natural gas, biogas, synthesis gas, and other process streams.

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