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IntraMicron Inc. bundle draws corrosion resistant alloys (i.e. nickel alloys, stainless steel alloys, Nichrome, titanium, copper, brass, bronze, etc.) to extremely small diameters. IntraMicron's fibers are typically chopped to specified length then shipped clean and dry (without PVA

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Microfibrous media is a highly-porous, sintered, nonwoven support structure capable of entrapping catalysts, sorbents, and other desirable materials in a fixed-fluidized bed configuration. Microfibrous media can be made of polymers, ceramics, glasses, metals, and alloy

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Microfibrous entrapped catalysts and microfibrous entrapped sorbents (MFECs and MFESs respectively) consist of porous, high-surface-area particles immobilized in media made of micron-diameter fibers. The microfibrous media (MFM) may be compsed of metal fiber

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Microfibrous media was originally developed to provide enhanced performance for energy storage devices such as batteries, liquid-double layer capacitors, and fuel cells. The three-dimensional microfibrous-media based structure simultaneously minimized mass and charge-trans

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