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IntraMicron is a leading engineering technology manufacturing and development company located in Auburn, Alabama. We were created in 2001 to commercialize the microfibrous materials technology developed at Auburn University, and from there we have expanded our products and innovation. Check out the history of IntraMicron to learn more about how we came to be!

Innovate More, is more than just a slogan. It's a promise to our consumers that we will continuously pursue new knowledge and find new areas of development as we continue to grow!



IntraMicron has achieved full compliance with Defense Contract Audit Agency standards regarding proper financial management. DCAA performs audits on behalf of the Department of Defense and provides advisory services to DoD offices responsible for procurement and contract management.

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IntraMicron strives to hold its position on the frontiers of science and technology not just by maintaining a nominal presence in select organizations, but through active participation and dialogue with the right people and groups. In addition to IntraMicron and its employees holding memberships with technical associations, IntraMicron also fulfills its role of corporate stewardship by being involved with the local community.


Logos are the property of their respective owners

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