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MFES Applications

Microfibrous entrapped sorbents are best applied to processes where there is a need for high-contacting efficiency removal of critical contaminants.

Polishing Sorbents & Composite Beds

An ideal application for microfibrous entrapped sorbents (MFES) is in composite beds with enhanced breakthrough times for multi-log contaminant removal. Composite beds are composed of a packed sorbent bed followed by an MFES polishing sorbent. This configuration enables the best characteristics of the packed bed (high capacity) and the MFES (high sorption efficiency and sorbent utilization) to be maximized to significantly enhance breakthrough time without significant changes in bed size or pressure drop. The effectiveness of this approach as already been demonstrated for gas-phase desulfurization.

Active Filtration Processes

The combination of low pressure drop and high efficiency contaminant removal also makes MFESs ideal for active filtration processes where there is a need for simulaneous particulate and molecular contaminant removal for high-efficiency, low pressure drop molecular contaminant removal.

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