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Sorption Technology

IntraMicron specializes in custom sorbent development, adsorber design, and the production of high-contact-efficiency microfibrous entrapped sorbents (MFESs) for use in active filtration, swing adsorption, and composite-bed applications.

Sorbent Development

IntraMicron has developed various types of sorbents for removing sulfur species, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and ammonia from liquid or gas streams. Most of these sorbents are supported on porous, high-surface area (>100 m /g) particulates such as activated carbon, silica, alumina, and titania. This supported structure enables efficient active-phase utilization and allows multiple regeneration and usage cycles. More information about IntraMicron's gas- and liquid-phase sulfur sorbents is available in the products section.




MFESs allow sorption processes to occur with enhanced contacting efficiency and decreased pressure drop compared with traditional packed bed adsorption systems. Visit the MFES page to learn more about microfibrous entrapped sorbent technology, preparation, and performance.

Adsorber Design

IntraMicron has vast experience in designing and constructing adsorption systems using commercial or proprietatry sorbents, with a specialization in desulfurization systems. IntraMicron has developed the technology to monitor bed saturation as a function of time and predict through. This technology is well suited for applications where desulfurization size and weight are critical and the inlet sulfur concentration is unknown or variable.

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