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Liquid-Phase Sulfur Sorbent

IntraMicron has also developed sorbents designed to remove sulfur from liquid fuels such as LPG, gasoline, and jet fuels at room temperature. As a milestone for liquid fuel desulfurization, these sorbents provide the following advantages:





High sulfur removal capacity (6~15 mg sulfur/g of adsorbent) for jet fuels, perhaps highest among regenerative adsorbents previously developed

Ease of regeneration, which requires only air and low temperature heat and no special regeneration media (e.g. sulfur free hydrocarbons, high-purity gas)

Negligible pressure drop while on stream because of a much larger particle size than other previous formulations

Low cost due to the use of well dispersed, low concentration silver on TiO , which precludes the use of precious metals or specially prepared supports.


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