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Giving you another reason to come work with us! See for yourself what past co-op engineers have to say about working at IntraMicron!



Summer 2018 - Fall 2019

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Working at IntraMicron has allowed me to explore many different areas of chemical engineering. I've been able to work directly with experienced engineers on various projects, equipping me with knowledge and experience that have helped in the classroom as well as in the real world, all while still living in Auburn!




Fall 2016 - Fall 2018

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As a co-op at IntraMicron, I started with a project at lab scale, and then got to work with it all the way to its pilot plant operation on-site in Texas. This experience proved to be invaluable, for I have no doubt that I was able to leave college with my dream job because of the time I spent here.




Spring 2013 - Summer 2014

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I was one of the earlier co-ops in the program and it was a "you'll get out of it as much as you put into it" kind of experience. I believe IntraMicron did above and beyond given with how young the program was in terms of exposing it's co-ops to as much varied work problems to help flesh out resume skillsets.



IntraMicron let me pursue what I excelled at and enjoyed during my co-op, which let me develop skills that ultimately helped me acquire a job in the field I want to pursue.


2012 - 2014




IntraMicron exceeded my expectations. It was so nice to feel like I was a valued member of the company and my contributions were valuable.


Summer 2020

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Summer 2020 - Spring 2021

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From directly manufacturing company products to performing qualitative lab work, IntraMicron has allowed me to operate in a multidisciplinary environment that seamlessly shifts between research and practical application. The versatility of the IntraMicron experience has allowed me to approach a wide array of industries with confidence.




Fall 2018 - Spring 2020

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I enjoyed and benefited from the program because I was able to work on a variety of projects and gain experience in a number of disciplines. My favorite being the opportunity I had to operate the natural gas desulfurization plant both remotely in Auburn and on-site in Texas.


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