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Microfibrous Entrapped Catalyst Products

Pre-Developed Catalysts

IntraMicron is capable of entrapping most catalysts in microfibrous media to achieve enhanced performance. Microfibrous entrapment is an ideal solution to improve catalyst effectiveness and utilization for reactive systems that are limited by heat and mass transfer. Visit the MFEC technology and MFEC applications pages to learn more about the benefits of microfibrous entrapment.

MFEC Development & Optimization

IntraMicron will work with your catalyst development team to research, develop, and manufacture a microfibrous entrapped catalyst solution for current or proposed processes. The weight and volume reductions along with enhanced thermal management provided by microfibrous entrapped catalysts are especially beneficial for applications where weight, volume, and thermal integration considerations are of the utmost importance. IntraMicron is capable of assisting with process design considerations associated with the enhanced benefits of microfibrous materials.

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