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Catalysis Technology

IntraMicron's catalysis technology enables catalytic processes to occur with improved efficiency by simultaneously enhancing contacting efficiency, heat transfer, and mass transfer.

Catalytic processes are typically carried out in a packed-bed reactors because this reactor configuration is easy to model, scale, design, construct, and operate. While this configuration offers numerous advantages, heat and mass transfer limitations are commonly encountered because relatively large particles must be used to minimize pressure drop. While these limitations can be partially addressed through appropriate reactor-tube size, operating conditions, and catalyst design, optimal catalyst performance cannot be achieved unless the catalyst is operating according to intrinsic kinetics. Regardless of the catalyst particle size employed, packed bed reactors are difficult to control during exothermic and endothermic processes because poor heat transfer induces large temperature gradients across the catalyst bed. Complicated reactor designs, including fluidized-bed and slurry-phase reactors, are commonly employed to overcome these limitations can; however, they are more complicated to design, scale, construct, and operate. IntraMicron's microfibrous entrapment technology offers a solution to minimize the heat and mass transfer limitations allowing catalytic processes to operate with enhanced efficiency. This innovation results in improved activity and selectivity as well as reduced reactor weight and volume in a simple scalable packed bed configuration.



MFECs allow catalytic processes to operate at significantly higher volumetric reaction rates than currently possible by decreasing mass transfer resistances and enhancing heat transfer in a simple, scalable packed bed configuration. Microfibrous entrapment technology has advanced to the point where many catalysts can be incorporated in the microfibrous matrix without contamination. To learn more about our microfibrous entrapped catalyst technology visit the Microfibrous Entrapment and Microfibrous Entrapped Catalyst Technology Pages.

Catalyst Development

microfibrous entrapped catalyst technology. IntraMicron is capable of entrapping catalysts in the microfibrous media as well as modifying and developing improved catalyst formulations with enhanced compatibility and functionality within microfibrous media. The enhanced heat and mass transfer properties of microfibrous entrapped catalysts make it possible to use highly active catalysts for exothermic and endothermic processes more effectively by maintaining uniform radial temperature distributions in the reactor.

IntraMicron develops custom catalyst solutions based on 

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