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Air Filtration Technology

To meet the ever-increasing concerns on energy usage, labor requirements, material costs, and indoor air quality inherent with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, IntraMicron has developed a comprehensive methodology designed to minimize total ownership cost of operating these systems for the purpose of air filtration. This methodology incorporates live monitoring into a full-cost accounting model that can be tailored to reach specific goals targeted by the end user, and the methodology was developed as a result of years of rigorous research. The air filtration rig illustrated below is capable of simulating industrial and residential HVAC environments, and from these simulations, fully customizable filters can be constructed to a fit a wide variety of blower sizes, fan speeds, dirt holding capacity requirements.

Within the aforementioned research apparatuses, it is possible to test a plethora of conditions in terms of initial and final air quality, temperature, humidity, and air speed, as well as filtration solutions based on the use of custom filters designed to optimize each simulated scenario, and multi-element structure arrays that utilize multiple single filters in a pre-fabricated box to greatly increase filtration capacity. These custom filters are not only designed through the use of this air filtration research equipment, but can also be tested at the post-design phase to ensure predicted operational specifications are indeed met.

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