Multi-Element Structure Arrays (MESAs)

Multi Element Structure Array  (MESA)

Multi-Element Structure Array (MESA)

Typically single air filters are utilized in most commercial and residential air handling systems, and in rare instances, a configuration known as the V-bank (see Illustration A) is used to increase filtration capacity. IntraMicron has conducted extensive research into taking this idea further by utilizing filter banks with four (B), six (C), or eight (D) rows of filters instead of the one or two commonly seen today. For applications in which microfibrous entrapped catalysts or microfibrous entrapped sorbents are embedded into the filter media, the MESA box can be utilized to entrap more active material per filtration area to dramatically improve contaminant removal from breathing air. In medical and specialty applications where pressure drop is greatly more significant than in every day filtration, the decreased contact angle of the multiple filter array greatly reduces the pressure drop and increases the efficiency of the pressure-volume (PV) work necessary to move air across the filtration surface.