Nonwoven Media Products

3 Media Rolls

The wet-lay process is utilized to form nonwoven media from fibers (polymer, ceramic, glass, metal alloys, carbon, etc.).  This process has been successfully executed  at lab scale on handsheet molds, pilot scale on small paper machines, and production scale on large paper and nonwoven machines.

The non-woven may contain high surface area particulate (catalysts and sorbents) for molecular level chemical reactions, or be free of these.  A typical non-woven is sintered after production, but polymer non-wovens are usually sintered during the drying process.  Air-laid non-wovens may be formed, but we typically use the wet-lay process due to its superior uniformity.

Typical sheets have fiber void volumes of 95% before calendaring (pressing), but the void may be filled with high surface area particulates.