Microfibrous Media Products

Microfibrous Media

IntraMicron's core proprietary technology is non-woven microfibrous media containing high surface area catalysts and/or sorbents. This structure is the subject of numerous U.S. patents and international counterparts and offers significant benefits compared to other existing technology. The fibers can be made of various polymers, ceramics, glasses, or metal alloys, and are usually produced as a sintered structure trapping the catalysis and/or sorbent in a "frozen fluidized bed."

Many of these products have been made from metal, ceramic, and polymer fibers trapping high-surface-area particulates made of activated carbon, titania, alumina, silica, and others.  The carriers often support catalysts and sorbents to provide the desired molecular level activity. As a result of this structure, these materials have high contacting efficiency, high activity, high effectiveness factor, and relatively low pressure drop.