Filter Products

HVAC Filters

Air filters are imperative for removing dirt and other contaminants from breathing air in order to maintain indoor air quality while supplying clean air to heating and cooling coils for responsible for comfortable indoor air temperatures. These filters are generally constructed by the manufacturer for minimal material costs necessary to ensure an acceptable level of pressure drop across the filter bank. High pressure drops require increased energy usage by the end user in order to move the same volume of air through the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

IntraMicron takes a novel approach to air filtration in which live monitoring and proprietary technology are used to design the right filter that will minimize total ownership cost while ensuring clean breathing air for building inhabitants. This filter can be completely customized in size and other filter parameters to fit individual air handling units for optimal performance. IntraMicron filters may include regular filter media or media enhanced with microfibrous entrapped catalysts (MFECs) or microfibrous entrapped sorbents (MFESs) for high-performance air filtration needs.


Example MESA Structures

Single filters are available on an individual basis or can be combined in a multi-element structure array (MESA). The MESA is designed to improve air filtration efficiency by two orders of magnitude with minimal incremental capital cost, and individual filters can be easily inserted into fabricated grooves of the MESA unit. IntraMicron has a thorough understanding of MESA design and optimization allowing MSEA structures to be customized for specific air filtration needs.

IntraMicron stands behind every filter and MESA unit that bears our logo. While IntraMicron filters are more expensive than regular mass-produced filters found in non-optimized HVAC systems, our custom filters will lower the customer's overall ownership costs in terms of filter costs, energy usage, and labor costs associated with the replacement of filters. When IntraMicron filters are purchased as part of our HVAC optimization service, this lower overall cost is guaranteed.