Desulfurization Products


IntraMicron produces a series of low-temperature regenerable sorbents with enhanced sorption characteristics for gas-phase desulfurization and liquid-phase desulfurization. Our gas-phase desulfurization sorbents are especially suited to reformate clean up for fuel cell applications because of their regenerability and low-temperature operation. We also offer our sulfur sorbents as microfibrous entrapped sorbents for use in high-contacting efficiency applications.

Process Selection and Design

With the increasing need for alternative fuels, IntraMicron has designed several desulfurization systems for syngas and liquid fuels.  IntraMicron understands the complications involved when removing sulfur at a variety of temperatures, pressures, and compositions change and is capable of selecting the appropriate process technology (sorbent, catalytic, or a combination) to perform the desulfurization task.

Custom Desulfurizers

IntraMicron also designs and manufactures custom continuous desulfurization units and has developed and constructed several systems for pilot-scale systems. Pictured below is a small pilot-scale high-temperature continuous desulfurization system with online regeneration of the sorbent bed.  This system utilized both commercial catalysis and one developed by IntraMicron for operation over a wide range of temperatures.

Desulfurizer Solid Model Desulfurizer Image