Microfibrous Entrapped Catalyst Applications

Microfibrous Entrapped Catalysts (MFECs) are an ideal solution to enhance any catalytic processes where catalyst performance is limited by transport-based inefficiencies and improved heterogeneous contacting and/or heat transfer are needed.

Observed limitation with a traditional catalyst Improvement achieved by microfibrous entrapment
High diffusion resistances Enhanced mass transfer
Mass transport controlled reaction Kinetic controlled reaction
Large radial temperature gradients Uniform radial temperature profiles
Low catalyst utilization High catalyst utilization
Large, inefficient particles necessary minimize pressure drop Highly-efficient catalyst particles with low pressure drop
Complicated reactor design necessary to achieve desired heat/mass transfer Enhanced heat/mass transfer in a low- pressure-drop, fixed-bed configuration
Undesirable velocity profile or risk of channeling Favorable fixed-fluidized-bed flow profile with minimal channeling

These types of limitations are commonly encountered in the list of reactions presented below and can be enhanced by microfibrous entrapment: