Conductive Resins

Short chopped (<0.2 to 1.5 mm) metal fibers may be mixed with existing resin and polymer formulations to make them highly electrically conductive.  These are useful for static discharge, EMF/RFI shielding, and for forming electrically conductive pathways in rigid and flexible materials.  The resins and polymers may include (but are not limited to): thermal plastics, olefins, epoxies, vinyl esters, and silicones.

Virtually any metal alloy (i.e. stainless steel) is far more conductive than carbon for filled resins.  Nickel is the alloy of choice for this application because of its high electrical conductivity, whereas copper may also be chosen if the formation of the oxide layer is inhibited after the fibers are shipped.  IntraMicron, Inc. is a leading supplier of short chopped fibers for conductive resins, and these fibers are shipped clean and dry and are ready for blending and dispersal into virtually any fluid.