The research activities of IntraMicron, Inc. are focused on the development and commercialization of technology related to catalysts and sorbents entrapped in sintered microfibrous media. As Auburn University’s commercialization partner, IntraMicron has an exclusive, worldwide right and license to practice and advance all available fields of technology developed at Auburn University. IntraMicron develops novel microfibrous entrapped catalysts/sorbents, heterogeneous reaction processes that apply these materials, and processes that optimize the microfibrous media preparation for improved performance and reduced cost.

IntraMicron specializes in tailoring the structure and properties of sintered composite media to enhance its properties for catalytic, electrochemical, sorptive, and filtration processes including Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, CO oxidation, steam-methane reforming, gas-phase desulfurization, liquid-phase desulfurization, cathode air filtration, and high-efficiency HVAC filtration. In its most recent STTR Phase II project, IntraMicron developed a novel catalyst structure to conduct the heat for strong exothermic reactions such as Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.  IntraMicron also has significant experience with system-level integration and optimization from their collaborative work with Auburn University and Ceramatec on various SOFC and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis projects. IntraMicron would like to collaborate with other business partners to facilitate the further commercialization of our unique technologies.

IntraMicron is pleased to have achieved compliance with the Defense Contract Audit Agency, and this compliance requires extensive labor and materials tracking systems as well as a thorough understanding of direct and indirect costs. As a result, all potential collaborators, whether they are military, civilian, academic, or industrial, can be assured that the company practices full financial transparency, follows sound accounting principles and provides accountability for all monies spent in research and manufacturing projects. IntraMicron has also retained the services of an external Certified Public Accountant to generate and validate financial reports, ensure compliance with corporate law and taxation, and maintain financial security by separating the payment and procurement functions.