Pilot-Scale Paper Machine

IM Paper Machine

IntraMicron's Pilot Paper Machine

General Paper Machine Specifications:
Manufacturer MARTCO, Inc
MO# 13115
Drawing# 76E102
Trim Width 12 in
Max untrimmed width 13 in
Speed Range 4-50 fpm (20 typical)
Basis weight Range 10-1500 lbs / 3000 ft2
Theoretical Cellulose Production 750lbs / day
Theoretical Metal Production 3000lbs / day

In 2002, IntraMicron acquired a pilot-scale paper machine that was manufactured by Martco, Inc (now MTR) for Monsanto Corporation in 1979. Following acquisition the machine was installed and converted to a metal fiber product manufacturing machine. While it is still capable of running wood-fiber-based paper trials, the machine has been extensively modified and upgraded to produce premium metal fiber products. To achieve these results, eight months of extensive machine trials and modifications were required to convert from wood fiber to metal fiber usage. The base data for the metal fiber conversion was supplied by years of research and development. This machine, to the best knowledge of IntraMicron, is the most advanced metal-fiber-product production machine in use. The machine is now capable of producing a variety of nonwovens including a carbon-metal fiber product that is superior for filtering chemical agents, such as those typically associated with terrorism.

Significant upgrades including state-of-the-art support equipment and control systems were added during the engineering design and construction. Since the microfibrous media production process is proprietary, key elements will not be described. The following process changes were implemented on the base pilot paper machine:

The associated auxiliary equipment included a stock preparation system with tanks, agitators, pumps, hydrapulper, high-density pulper, refiner, and appropriate sensors including several stock-mass flow meters.