Metal Fiber Manufacturing

IntraMicron's 16,000 sq ft location at 368 Industry Dr. in Auburn, AL, USA, houses our main offices and Bundle Wire Drawing Plant.  At this location the following wire drawing equipment is availalble:

Chemical processing equipment for de-sheathing (pickling, etching, rinsing, drying, and packing of metal fiber), is also present along with the appropriate permitted waste treatment system to render all spent chemicals non-hazardous.

This equipment combined with our Metal Fiber Technology enables Intramicron to manufacture metal microfibers with diameters ranging from two to thirty micrometers and lengths from <0.2 mm to 80 mm out of many metals and alloys. The metal microfiber manufacturing capacity of the current equipment is approximately 15 tons per year.

Microfibrous Media Production

IntraMicron possesses the equipment required for production of microfibrous media with a focus on sintered metal microfibrous media. There are three key elements in manufacturing these media: metal microfiber manufacturing assets, a paper machine, and a sintering furnace. In January 2002, IntraMicron acquired a pilot-scale paper machine. This machine is capable of making a wide range of products to fit custom needs for different microfibrous media applications. IntraMicron has built on its batch operation paper forming and casting experience and has developed and improved the proprietary methods necessary for handling metal microfibers in continuous process equipment to manufacture paper from this unique feedstock. IntraMicron’s paper machine is capable of producing up to 12,000 square feet of paper per day (~ 0.7 tons per day).

Sintering Furnace

Sintering Furnace

For R&D operations, IntraMicron also has a wide variety of PLC-controlled ovens and furnaces including 30" wide x 70" hot zone belt convection oven, two 22" square x 48" controlled atmosphere 2000°F furnaces (suitable for reducing or oxidizing), a vacuum pump with mechanical blower, and convection ovens. Along with R & D equipment mulituse equipment is available: (tool makers lathe with chucks, milling machine, TIG welders, MIG welder, plasma cutter, and oxy-acetylene torch).